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Condition Reports

TBA can also produce other specialist reports, for specific situations. Condition Reports and Asset Audits are designed for land owners to assess the health of their own tree stock. This is particularly important for sites where there is a high degree of public access and health and safety is paramount. Clients often include schools, business parks or gardens and estates open to the public.

Reports or drawings can be produced which are specifically tailored to the needs of structural engineers when they need to produce foundation calculations. These are often necessary to meet the requirements of the NHBC.

TBA are able to deal with queries relating to tree with Tree Preservation Orders, or within Conservation Areas. This may be applying to the local authority to carry out work to, or to fell, a protected tree or it may be a case of objecting to a new order.

Our Arboriculturist is also well qualified to deal with high hedge disputes. This may be direct to a member of the public or as a result of local authority investigation. In some case this service is provided on a sub-consultancy basis working directly for a local authority.