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BS:5837 2012 Surveys

BS5837 2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations is the baseline for all reports relating to trees and development. The BS gives recommendations and guidance on the relationship between trees and structures and is applicable whether or not a project requires planning permission. The BS5837 survey ultimately forms a design tool, or constraints plan, to indicate developable areas.

The tree survey needs to be based on an accurate topographic survey, ideally provided by the client, which locates the position of all individual trees, groups and woodlands on and around the site. Spot levels at tree bases and contours across the site should also be included, as should any other relevant features including built structures, boundaries and landscape features.

The survey will include, as standard, species, various dimensions, branch and canopy spread, life stage, structural and physiological conditions and a category grading. From this information an area around the tree known as the root protection area will also be calculated. This information is presented in a written report with tables together with a drawing.